TypeScript decorators are a way to modify or extend the behavior of classes, methods, or properties in a declarative manner. They are denoted by the @ symbol and are applied using a syntax similar to annotations in other languages. Decorators are commonly used in TypeScript with frameworks like Angular, NestJS, and libraries like MobX. They […]

This article describes how to use MongoDB NodeJS driver to manage your data. It does not mention anything about Mongoose as a Object Data Modelling library. MongoDb node 5.1 is used. Establishing connections Establish a connection Establish a connection to a MongoDB replica set Creating Creating, adding or inserting are used interchangeably here. Creating a […]

What is yarn link and why would you want to use it? yarn link is a command that allows you to link a local npm package to your current project. Why is that useful? To consume code of a package you usually simply install the package as a dependency to your project. But let’s assume […]

CommonJS modules (exports and require) Mainly used in Node.js: Synchronous Loading CommonJS modules are designed to be loaded synchronously. This means that the code within a module is executed immediately upon loading, and further code execution is blocked until loading is done. This synchronous nature is suitable for server-side applications, where file I/O operations are […]