Enabling decorators in TypeScript Simple decorator example As you can see this is a very simple example. Usually we want more, for example The role of Reflection in decorators Reflaction is used to temporarily store values. Metadata Reflection API is experimental and not yet part of the ECMAScript standard. This means that its behavior may […]

This article describes how to use MongoDB NodeJS driver to manage your data. It does not mention anything about Mongoose as a Object Data Modelling library. MongoDb node 5.1 is used. Establishing connections Establish a connection Establish a connection to a MongoDB replica set Creating Creating, adding or inserting are used interchangeably here. Creating a […]

What is yarn link and why would you want to use it? yarn link is a command that allows you to link a local npm package to your current project. Why is that useful? To consume code of a package you usually simply install the package as a dependency to your project. But let’s assume […]

CommonJS modules (exports and require) Mainly used in Node.js: Synchronous Loading CommonJS modules are designed to be loaded synchronously. This means that the code within a module is executed immediately upon loading, and further code execution is blocked until loading is done. This synchronous nature is suitable for server-side applications, where file I/O operations are […]