A cache’s primary purpose is to increase data retrieval performance by reducing the need to access the underlying slower storage layer. Trading off capacity for speed, a cache typically stores a subset of data transiently, in contrast to databases whose data is usually complete and durable. The cache can exist at browser, CDN, load balance or […]

JOSE (Javascript Object Signing and Encryption) is a framework used to facilitate the secure transfer of claims between any two parties. Its specifications provide a general approach to encryption of any content, not necessarily in JSON. However, it is built on JSON for easy use in web applications. JWT (JSON Web Token) is a standard […]

This article will illustrate the inner workings of JavaScript. It will answer questions like: Is JavaScript single-threaded or multi-threaded? If it really was single threaded, does that mean that JavaScript will run slower than code in multi-threaded languages because it could not take advantage of processing code in parallel? What is the difference between a JavaScript engine and a JavaScript runtime environment?

Searching code someCodePiece in:file searches for code in any file in the repository filename: something.ts searches for filenames in the repository something in:path searches in file path You can search by more criteria like size:>10000, language:LANGUAGE, extension:TS or by user:USERNAME, org:ORGNAME, repo:USERNAME/REPOSITORY You can search almost anything, for example commits, topics, repositories, issues, PRs, discussions, […]

As of december 2022 you need node version 14.6 or later to run NextJS. Automatic installation What we will get is Manual installation For a manual setup have a look at the official docs page. Installation using Nx Find more commands on the Nx NextJS plugin doc page.

In Next.js, a page is a React Component exported from a file (.js, .jsx, .ts, or .tsx) in the pages directory. The component can have any name, but you must export it as a default export. Pages for static routes Pages for dynamic routes Sometimes routes have dynamic segments, for example if the route uses […]