Network tunneling is a technique used to securely transport data from one network to another. It encapsulates the data packets of one protocol (e.g. HTTP) within the packets of another protocol (e.g. SSH), creating a “tunnel” through which the data travels. This process allows for secure and private communication over potentially insecure networks, such as […]

Installation and Jest setup Refer to Matchers Full list of matchers: Matching exact equality with toBe Matching value equality with toEqual Matching opposites with not Matching truthiness, null, undefined and defined Matching numbers Matching floating point numbers Matching strings using regular expression with toMatch Matching arrays and iterables with toContain Matching exceptions with […]

TypeScript decorators are a way to modify or extend the behavior of classes, methods, or properties in a declarative manner. They are denoted by the @ symbol and are applied using a syntax similar to annotations in other languages. Decorators are commonly used in TypeScript with frameworks like Angular, NestJS, and libraries like MobX. They […]

This article describes how to use MongoDB NodeJS driver to manage your data. It does not mention anything about Mongoose as a Object Data Modelling library. MongoDb node 5.1 is used. Establishing connections Establish a connection Establish a connection to a MongoDB replica set Creating Creating, adding or inserting are used interchangeably here. Creating a […]