Setup As of march 2021 you need node version 10.13 or later to run NextJS. Create a folder an initialize your project with What we will get is Automatic compilation and bundling (with webpack and babel) React Fast Refresh Static generation and server-side rendering of ./pages/ (see Pages and Routing below) Static file serving. ./public/ […]

You need Node >= 10.16 and npm >= 5.6. Creating a React with TypeScript project Rendering JSX Rendering JSX into the DOM: React elements are immutable Once you create an element, you can’t change its children or attributes. You would have to call render again to see changes. React DOM then compares the element and […]

Your application might consist of hundreds of files. To run those files in production you need to optimize them. There are many ways to optimize your source code for production. Webpack is helping you here. Webpack is a built tool that “bundles” code for development or production, depending on its configured mode. All configuration is […]

Upgrade or refresh your skills in shell scripting with this article.

CSS provides (at least) two ways to set elements in motion: transitions and animations. In this article we compare them and show how they work.