V8 and its feature groups Node’s build-in JavaScript engine is V8, but others such as Chakra (by Microsoft) can be used. V8 has three feature groups: Shipping (stable features, enabled by default) Staged (almost stable, needs –harmony flag to be enabled) in Progress (experimental, also needs specific flags to be enabled) See all options via […]

Init a project A file named package.json allows package management in your project. To create it by answering prompts run npm init, add -y if you want to create it instantly, skipping questions. Setting default config values npm set init-author-name ‘Your Name’ will set a default author name whenever you run npm init again. More […]

In this article we have a look at some git workflows and especially at GitFlow.

A short article that displays three ways on how you can handle errors using async and await.

GraphQL is a declarative API query language that you can use to fetch data from a server. Facebook started its development in 2012 and open sourced it in 2015.

This article explains how to load JS code asynchronously and when you should defer its execution.

This article gives a short overview over the Azure Compute Services

You can use this as a Cheatsheet whenever you do array related operations

A Generator is a function that can be paused and resumed at a later time, while having the ability to pass values to and from the function at each pause point.