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Installing NextJS

As of december 2022 you need node version 14.6 or later to run NextJS.

Automatic installation

yarn create next-app my-app-name --typescript
cd my-app-name

yarn dev   - Starts development server on localhost:3000
yarn build - builds the application for production usage
yarn start - starts a Next.js production server

What we will get is

Manual installation

For a manual setup have a look at the official docs page.

Installation using Nx

// add the next plugin once
yarn add --dev @nrwl/next

// create a new nextJs app
nx g @nrwl/next:app my-new-app

// create a new nextJs page
nx g @nrwl/next:page my-new-page --project=my-new-app

// create a new nextJs component
nx g @nrwl/next:component my-new-component --project=my-new-app

Find more commands on the Nx NextJS plugin doc page.

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