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Setting up a workspace in Nx

monorepo is a version-controlled code repository that holds many projects. While these projects may be related, they are often logically independent and run by different teams. NX is a build system made especially for monorepos and can be extended by plugins. It will make it easier for you to manage your different projects in the monorepo by

  • allowing you to run actions (also in parallel or on different machines) for one or more projects without changing directories
  • running actions only for affected projects (think of running tests only in projects which actually have code changes)
  • cache common operations for a faster 2nd run, to never rebuild the same code twice
  • allowing you to quickly set up new apps or libraries
  • displaying dependency graphs of your projects
  • allowing you to enforce project boundaries via es-lint rules to avoid circular dependencies
  • allowing you to write code generators that create template files for you
  • integrating itself with editors and IDEs
  • automating dependency updates

Package-based repos vs. Integrated repos

Nx differentiates between Integrated repos which make use of NX plugins and package-based repos which only make us of NX’s core features.

Package-based repoIntegrated repo
Package-based repoIntegrated repo
packages depend on each other’s package.json filedepend on each other through standard import statements
nested node_modules folder for each packagea single node_modules folder used by all projects
multiple versions possible defined in a package’s package.json filea single version of every dependency defined at root
Build tools like Jest and Webpack work as usualBuild tools like Jest and Webpack might need modification to work
A new package means creating all the build tooling from scratchA new project can make use of generated boilerplate setup through NX plugins
Lerna, Yarn, Lage and Nx (without plugins) support this styleBazel and Nx (with plugins) support this style
Easy to adopt with good benefitsProvides more value, especially at a larger scale
The difference between a package-based repo and an integrated repo in NX

Creating a workspace

An NX workspace is the initial one-time setup for all of your projects in a monorepo. If for example you choose myorg as the workspace name, then a library mylib can be referenced as @myorg/mylib.

# create workspace without a preset
np create-nx-workspace myorg
# create workspace with a preset
npx create-nx-workspace --preset=react

It creates a bunch of folders including apps and libs. Apps will contain all code that can be build and deployed. Libs contains libraries that can be used in apps. Libs is where most of the code will be stored.

  • There is only one package.json in the root folder.
  • workspace.json contains info about your projects and where they will be build and much more.
  • nx.json contains config of the nx workspace. You can define tasks here (more about that later).

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