Creating a debug session for NextJS within a Nx workspace is not an easy straightforward task as this NX issue shows (after two years the issue is still open). Solutions are mentioned for VSCode, but none for Jetbrains IDE. This article describes how to enable Server-Side NextJS debugging in a Nx managed monorepo using Breakpoints […]

A monorepo is a version-controlled code repository that holds many projects. While these projects may be related, they are often logically independent and run by different teams. NX is a build system made especially for monorepos and can be extended by plugins. It will make it easier for you to manage your different projects in the monorepo […]

There are many different kinds of applications you can create, such as React, Angular, Express, Node etc. Nx is lets you add those via plugins. If you create your first workspace then you can specifiy a preset (as shown above), if you already have a workspace you have to install the desired plugin first. app […]

In NX a command represents something like nx run header:build, whereas build is the target, header is the project and header:build is the task. Running a single task on a single project nx mytarget myproject Running multiple tasks on a single project Running a single task on all projects nx run-many –target=mytarget Running a single […]

Updating to the latest version of Nx involves these steps. Step 1: fetch latest nrwl/workspace package nx migrate latest or to a specific version with nx migrate @nrwl/workspace@version This fetches the specified version of the @nrwl/workspace package, analyzes the dependencies and fetches all the dependent packages. This will also update the package.json and create a migrations.json file […]

Running Nx Jest in Jetbrains IDE Here is how you have to configure Jetbrains IDE to make Jest work within a NX workspace. When I say “work” I mean to make it possible that Jetbrains UI is used to visually indicate failed and succeeded tests instead of a console. NX module import in Jetbrains IDE […]